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gold green eternity necklace and chunky stone necklace layer


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Black Stone Choker NecklaceBlack Stone Choker Necklace
Purple Stone Gold Chain Choker NecklacePurple
Turquoise Stone ChokerTurquoise Stone Choker
Turquoise Stone Choker Sale price$65.00
Green Large Stone Choker NecklaceGreen Large Stone Choker
Green Large Stone Choker Sale price$75.00
Black Stone Tennis NecklaceBlack Stone Tennis Necklace
Rainbow Stone Tennis NecklaceRainbow Stone Tennis Necklace
Honey Stone Tennis NecklaceHoney Stone Tennis Necklace
Crystal Stone Tennis NecklaceCrystal Stone Tennis Necklace
Purple Stone Tennis NecklacePurple Stone Tennis Necklace
Black Stone Pendant NecklaceBlack Stone Pendant
Black Stone Pendant Sale price$45.00
Green Stone Pendant Gold NecklaceGreen Stone Pendant
Green Stone Pendant Sale price$45.00
Pave Key Gold Choker NecklacePave Key Gold Choker Necklace
Champagne Stone NecklaceChampagne Stone Necklace
Champagne Stone Necklace Sale price$45.00
Blue Lariat NecklaceBlue Lariat Necklace
Blue Lariat Necklace Sale price$45.00
Crystal Stone Silver Heart NecklaceCrystal Stone Silver Heart Necklace
Pink Stone Gold Heart NecklacePink Stone Gold Heart Necklace
Turquoise Stone Gold Heart NecklaceTurquoise Stone Gold Heart Necklace
Crystal Stone Gold Heart NecklaceCrystal Stone Gold Heart Necklace
Blue Stone Heart NecklaceBlue Stone Heart Necklace
Blue Stone Heart Necklace Sale price$35.00