From the Founder, Reidie MacDonald

Hi everyone! Reidie here! I am the Founder, Designer & CEO of Short & Suite! Let's chat!

Email me: Let's talk! If you have any questions or just want to chat about jewelry, career, love, life...I am your girl!

When did you launch Short & Suite, and what inspired you to start it?

I launched Short & Suite on March 24, 2020! The second week of lockdown. I have always worked in luxury fashion. Right out of college, I worked at a small startup called Cobra Society, a luxury footwear and accessories brand that features handwoven Moroccan rugs on Spanish leather boots. From there, I worked for Missoni, and then got promoted to a position at Valentino. Missoni was under their umbrella at the time, and then I grew at Valentino and ran their sales for the U.S. with my counterpart for ready-to-wear.

I tried to start my own consulting business, but I couldn't do it. Although it was a mix of sales and people, which I loved, it didn't involve any of my creativity. While I was doing that, I was offered the position of the head of sales for Brock Collection, where I stayed for two years.

From all of my experience, I always knew I wanted to start something. I loved luxury, but it wasn't accessible. I love clothing, but I wanted something that was for everyone. I've always been really attracted to fine jewelry stones that are just so beautiful, but I couldn't find anything in the market that felt luxurious and had that statement piece and was accessible.

I started thinking how I want people to feel part of a story and to incorporate this feeling of luxury into my brand. So I was like, travel. Everyone loves travel. I love travel. When I was at Valentino and Brock, I would travel to Paris and Milan for Fashion Week and stay in these elegant hotel suites, which was so magical. So I thought about it for a while, and I was like, how do I mix the travel and the jewelry? And then Short & Suite was born.

The colors are based off of places I've traveled or places I want to go. They all have that elegance and luxury to them. Everything is completely branded, including the tissue paper, the stickers, and the packaging. It's all very luxurious. We are all apart of the Suiteheart world!

I made the price point not totally entry, but not crazy, so that it could feel like if it's a present to someone, it's a nice, thought-out present. And if you're buying it for yourself, it's equally a great gift for you.

In terms of running it, I do everything. I have the amazing Mallory [Molinksi] of Beverly Bond too. She helps me with social media. But then everything else, I just do it. I've just figured it out...!

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