Candice Cameron Valencia


What's your favorite hotel suite you've stayed in?

Tough question! Can I name two- The 1 bedroom penthouse at The London NY and @belmondhotelcaruso Amalfi Coast 

What's your room service order?

When I’m traveling for work oat milk latte and a banana or when it’s for fun Chicken Strips- what is it about chicken strips!? 

Do you have a getting ready ritual/routine before going out?

Wander Beauty Under Eye Masks and a fun happy house playlist - maybe with a casa amigos/soda in hand 

Where's your magical place?

Tulum ALL THE WAY :)

How do you wear your suites?

Pretty much never take mine off so whether it’s the gym, poolside dressed up or down ive got my jewelry on. Im a jewelry PR gal - can you balme me??