Christina Najjar aka Tinx


What's your favorite hotel suite you've stayed in?

@RambaghPalace, Jaipur or @Villadestelakecomo in Lake Como where I grew up going

What's your room service order?

Guacamole, Chips and extra hot sauce. 

Do you have a getting ready ritual/routine before going out?

Always champagne, always blasting my current favorite tunes. Right now, that's @diplo and @Postmalone. I love to take a long time to get ready and dance around in a robe - it's the best part of the night... until you come home and get to take off your heels! 

Where's your magical place?

Miami! Beautiful beaches, fun clubs and the best food 

How do you wear your suite?

I wear my suites 24/7. To workout, to meetings, to make my athleisure look more exciting...I even sleep in it. So I'm pretty in my dreams ...