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Founder & CEO

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Founding Partner & CMO

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Reidie MacDonald

Reidie MacDonald is the founder of the LA-based jewelry brand, Short & Suite. 

Reidie grew up in Minnesota and was obsessed with creating beauty from a young age. Much of her childhood consisted of setting up imaginary fashion businesses with her three siblings. Her mom would frequently hear her yell on the imaginary work phone “So sorry, we are out of the little black dress!” Fashion and accessories have been a lifelong passion that started early.

After graduating from the University of Vermont, Reidie immediately moved into the fashion world as a design assistant at Cobra Society. There, she specialized in handwoven Moroccan textiles and Spanish leather boots. She traveled to the Middle Atlas Mountains and Spain sourcing materials and getting design inspiration from their diverse cultures. This is where she fell in love with the art of putting meaning behind every single design. She then worked at Missoni and later stepped into the highly sought after position of managing Ready-To-Wear Sales at Valentino. After many wonderful years at Valentino, Reidie helped build Brock Collection from the ground up as the Global Director of Sales.
Also, she loves love. Every year Reidie writes hundreds of love letters to family and friends for Valentine’s Day which is why Short & Suite comes with a handwritten love note with every order. 
With her history in luxury fashion, her love of travel and her gift of storytelling, founding her own company was a natural next step. Reidie has always been passionate about creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful.